12 Week Session (Saturdays) w/Optional Weeknight Arts Classes Available

Expose your children to various aspects of Theatre, Music, and Dance. Workshops Taught by Illinois Board of Education Certified Theatre Teachers and Professional Actors, Singers, and Dancers. In addition to learning from these professionals your child will also be given the opportunity to perform with them!

Workshops will take place in the Palatine/Rolling Meadows area and will be taught in various age breakdowns.

Younger students will be given the “basics” and older students will be given more advanced vocal and dance skills.

We will accept any child with a genuine interest in the Arts from age 6 through high school. The workshops will be broken down into age groups and will also be taught at levels conducive to your child’s abilities… BEGINNER to ADVANCED. ALL CHILDREN WILL BE CHALLENGED AND ENCOURAGED!

The entire workshop promises to provide a highly REWARDING experience for your children and the knowledge they will gain will help build their motivation, memory skills and self esteem and will culminate with a fully staged Broadway musical.