I’m totally doing the next program, if I can keep my math grade up, but I promised my parents I would, so I can do ArtReach. I can’t thank you enough for the experience to work with everyone at ArtReach this summer and fall. I have friends that I have met that will be friends for life. I’ve been telling all of my friends and their parents how wonderful Art Reach is. This has been an awesome way to spend my summer and fall and hopefully years to come. I’ve learned so much over such a short period of time, I will use everything you have taught me for along time to come.


I have also been telling people about the program every chance I get. Shaina is very excited about starting up again. She really loves all of you, and its so good to have such wonderful adult role models for her. She is changing because of this program and I cant thank you all enough. The theatre has made her have a lighter view of life in general. It is good to see her growing and changing.


I so glad we could be a part of this marvelous program…what a remarkable opportunity for these kids!!! The show was terrific!!


I cannot tell you the positive impact the experience had on Claire – in a word, significant. After she watched the video for the first time, all big tears came down her face. I asked her “You had fun & miss it, don’t you?” and she shook her head an affirmative yes. I brag to everyone about you and your program! Claire is loving the people, the program and loves the acting.


Thank you sooooo much for everything, Melissa and I can’t put in words how thankful we are. Thank you for all the opportunities you’ve given us.


Thanks for e-mailing me back so quickly. Dan you are a treasure to all of us! I know you really put your heart and soul into this and that you really care. Ashley is just like you in that respect. I loved all the pictures you sent of the Wizard of Oz performance! You’re doing a great job, keep up the good work!!